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Design, Installation, and Commissioning of The PSS Green Energy Project:
Solar panels and wind turbines (2.4 kW and 20 kW)
2.4 kW wind turbine in SSHS, Saipan
The scope of work of this project is to design and install sixteen (16) wind turbines, two hundred fifty (250 P x 280 Watts) solar panels, and all required connection equipment at eleven (11) schools in the CNMI. The schools are as follows:
*Saipan Southern High
*Koblerville Elementary
*Kagman High
*Garapan Elementary
*Gregorio T. Camacho Elementary
*Cha Cha Oceanview
*Tinian Elementary
*Tinian Senior High
*Tinian Junior High
*Sinapalo Elementary
*Rota High